The crime of Justification

In a society where people take pride in justifying all sorts of wrongdoing and crime, is it surprising the predicament in which we find ourselves?

When crimes go unpunished...

On a continent where all sorts of crime gets shielded by the guise of tribe, ethnicity, religion, gender and politics, are we surprised at our marginal deficits in development, to say the least?

A spade ought to be called for what it is.  To condone is the worse crime...🤐🤐🤐

The years have come and gone...

The years have come and gone, and yet again, here we are. A brand new year.

We told our old selves the old year would be better. Indeed, we promised ourselves to be better. Be better. Be great. Of course, we were under the spell of the New Year's resolutions.
But as has happened in several years past, the old year also came past. Like before, without much to it's credit, other than piling in its wake, more disappointments.
Soon, we might look upon our wrinkled faces, and only behold the lines, that would serve as traces of all our lost dreams, hopes, and aspirations. A harsh reminder of our failed resolutions.
But again, we cannot loose hope. Because that is all we have. That is what keeps us going.
And so, again, we look forward to the new year, with awakened hope. Of better days. Of improvement in our lives. Of attaining our dreams. Of getting closer to our marks. Of drawing closer to our targets. The dream job. The dream career. The dream limelight. The dream house. The dream ca…

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